Beach Guide

Playa de Same


We offer a mainly sea food in our restaurant on site. How ever in Playa de Same you can find international cuisine just a few minutes walk down the beach, as well as native cuisine, and cevicherias that are right on the beach. There is marina at the north end of the beach in Casablanca called Estela Maris, as well as a golf curse with a 9 hole also inside Casablanca, fees apply.

Next to the hub of restaurants and cevicherias, there are a few bars that have ocean front dancing spaces. The restaurants also dub as bars at night.

We recommend: Restaurante Lateneus Seaflower. Also an English Pub.

  • Estela Maris Muelle de Casa Blanca

The Marina @ Casa Blanca

  • Green 9 @ Club Casablanca Ecuador

9 Hole Golf @ Casa Blanca

  • Sea flower restaurant Playa de Same

Restaurante Sea Flower

Playa de Sua

  • Isla de los Pajaros

Worth going by boat or take the kayak tour to check out the Isla de los Pajaros, this island is about a quarter mile from the coast. Although Sua can be easily reached by road. Ask the front desk for more information.

We recommend: Restaurante de Anita.

Playa de Atacames

Plenty of restaurants to choose from, and Atacames is caracterized for being the party beach, here is where the night life thrives on the strip, particularly in the weekends, all the bars are on the beach, and the oportunity to dance barefoot on the sand. It's a mere 15 mins away by car.

We recommend: Restaurante El Pandao.


The cultural historical museum is located in the heart of the city. About and hour drive.

Playa de Mompiche

  • Vista aerea playa de Mompiche

Backpackers and surfers paradise, known for its great surf spot at the south corner of the beach. 45 mins south of Playa de Same.