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Beach Tour Guide

Ideas and routes to explore and enjoy on your next vacation!

Hump Back Whale Sight Seeing

Season is Mid June through Mid September

Isla de los Pajaros - Sua

Drive to the beach front of Playa de Sua. On the beach you can find kayaks for rent, and navigate around the Isla de los Pajaros, an island that is close to the shore line. You can also head towards the river and observe the mangles and fisher man alike.
Estimate time 2 hours and a half round trip.
Boat ride from and back to the hotel, to the Isla de los Pajaros and the Mangles of Sua: minimum 5 people.
Estimate time 1 hour and a half round trip.

Trip to the Natural Reserve Galera San Fransisco

On the route to the ecological reserve Galera San Fransico we recommend these three beaches:
  • Playa Escondida or Cumiliche Club; Private Eco-resorts, each with a small river flowing into the ocean and woods with walking paths.
  • Punta Galera; a small town of fisherman with a beautiful ample beach.
  • Estero del Platano, has one of the most spectacular views of the ocean from the mountain.
Great opportunities for photographs along this route.
Estimate time 1 hour and a half round trip only, aside from the time spend at each location.

Trails and Waterfalls

We recomend the excursion to the amazing tropical forest in the province of Esmeraldas, with two different trails, river, waterfall, and even natural gas.
Requirement; Be able to ascend and decent 400 meters in mountain terrain, and to trek between 2.8 km and 5km of trails, round trip according on the route.

Playa de Mompiche

This beach made famous by surfers that frequent the town due to its great waves.

Options to enjoy a trip to Mompiche; take a boat ride along the coastal line, up to Portete and back.

Surfing option: The south point of Mompiche is idea for surfing, board rental can be found for about $20 for 2 hours. Surfing classes for about $30 per person (2 hours) including boards.
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